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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 17, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. this morning the family of missing nursing student michelle le launches a massive search. the clue that they are focusing on. >> a true sign of the housing crisis. families have been lining up for hours down at san jose. that's live picture there. free help for struggling homeowners coming up. >> good morning, it's friday! >> oh, yeah! >> i'm grace lee. >> you get into this pretty quickly. >> you know, slide right in. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time is 4:30. it's friday. >> yeah. >> which is a blessed event here.
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>> great ring to it. >> it does. >> everyone has an extra spring in their step on friday. >> weather-wise are you going to deliver for us? >> i'm going to do my best. >> you are? >> yes. >> if you liked yesterday, you will like today. lots of sunshine coming our way, mostly foggy at the coast right now but we'll see fairly nice temperatures. 28 degrees, warm in concord. 76, san jose. foggy in oakland. fog along the coastline maybe into san francisco just a bit. 64 degrees. more on your weekend forecast coming up, but first elizabeth. delays on muni for part of the morning commute. big problems yesterday after train damaged a power box and ripped down wires and pulled concrete supports down from the wall. underground lines why affected for hours. the n and j lines were closed
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all day. so we have been on and off the phone with muni overnight and into this morning. they are telling us that muni expects more delays. they do expect service to be restored sometime this morning. we'll let you know as soon as it does. just a couple of hours, michelle le's family will kick off a three-day search for the missing nursing student. they will gather at 8:00 in hayward. they are asking for volunteers to search the east bay. officers have classified that disappearance three weeks ago as a homicide. the family still hopes michelle is alive. >> you know, if it was your daughter, your sister, your cousin, you know, your friend,
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you wouldn't give up hope until she's found. >> family members are arriving from around the country to take part in a search this weekend. and we'll have a live report at 5:00. you can find more information about the search at just click on "links and numbers." that saggy pants passenger, will he be charged? is he going to be freed? >> yeah, he is still locked up. san mateo county prosecutors have to decide by 11:00 this morning. 20-year-old deshon marmon of san francisco was trying to fly back to the university of new mexico on wednesday after attending a friend's funeral. his football coach says the school plans to support him and help him move forward. the pilot decided to kick marmon off the plane after he refused to pull up his pants to cover up his underwear. marmon has been in the san mateo county jail ever since. u.s. airways says it doesn't have a specific dress code but customers are asked to dress in an appropriate manner, not
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necessarily meaning a suit and tie anymore. [ pause ] >> i think everyone like has a right to wear what they want. and it's just like free. expression. >> i don't like seeing their underwear! >> people treat you professionally if you look professional. if you look like a slob, you're likely to be treated like that. >> the lady said pull them up. >> marmon's mother says u.s. airways has banned her son from future flights. 4:34. this morning, homeowners are already lining up in downtown san jose hoping to get help in dealing with their mortgages. kiet do joins us from mcnerney convention center where the save the dream event starts in a little more than three hours. already got people there, huh, kiet. >> reporter: absolutely. dozens. and it's hard to tell exactly how many people are here because a lot are sleeping under blanket. but dozens of people here at the downtown convention center. some of them have been here since about 8:00 last night and
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the few people we talked to have come from the sacramento area. and so they are here for what's called the save the dream tour. the dream in this case is the american dream, their home. we have some footage here of previous events, this one in l.a. thousands of people typically show up to these things. the folks here will be sitting down with counselors who work for the nonprofit group neighborhood assistance corporation of america. here's how it works. they sit down and figure out how much they can pay and then walk over to banks and lenders in the same room and hopefully get their mortgages restructured right on the spot. the nonprofit group says often times get an approval rating from lenders of more than 50%. some interest rates are dropping down to even 2%. this event is called the save the dream tour. it's at the mcenery convention center in downtown san jose. it starts today, goes through wednesday, begins at 8:00 this morning and goes to 8:00 at night. the best part of all, it's free. so you can expect this line to
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grow throughout the morning here. we'll hear from some desperate homeowners later on this morning. some of them have some heartbreaking stories. frank, back to you. >> it's been a tough couple of years. how many people did you say they expect? >> reporter: they didn't say for this event but in miami, for example, they got 12,000 people. in other events they have got more than 5,000 people. so surprisingly, not a lot of people this morning but who knows. the five-day event, they could very well get a lot of people, a flood later on today. >> still have plenty of time. kiet do live in san jose, thank you. governor brown has vetoed a state budget proposal passed this week by the state legislature. the governor says he wants to focus on reaching a compromise with republican lawmakers on whether to extend a series of tax increases set to expire at the end of the month. it raises questions whether state lawmakers should get paid. under prop 28 if lawmakers
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didn't pass a balanced budget by june 15 they weren't supposed to get paid. >> we clearly met the obligation to pass a balanced on-time budget. what's at issue is much more important than pay. >> republicans say the democrats passed the budget plan knowing it would likely be vetoed. state controller john chiang a democrat says his office will take a close look at the vetoed plan. if the proposed would not have balanced the budget -- if the proposal would not have balanced the budget, he won't pay lawmakers. a man will be arraigned today in connection with a deadly shooting at an oakland restaurant. 22-year-old clem thompkins is suspected of killing two and wounding four in april at the sweet jimmie's bar near jack london square. he was arrested wednesday in richmond. the shooting was believed to be the result of a botched robbery attempt. a suspected bay area serial killer kept a handwritten list of women's names according to
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some new court documents. those documents show joseph naso had a safety deposit box containing a list of 10 women including the four prostitutes he is charged with killing in northern california. the box also included the women's photos and news clippings of the murders. the documents also cite dna evidence on naso's wife's pantyhose which may have been used to strangle one victim. naso is suspected in other cold cases around the country. men accused of -- the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years has been transferred from el dorado county jail to corcoran state prison in the central valley. phillip garrido will have notorious neighbors including charles manson and juan carona. on this friday morning, what can we expect? it's the weekend. >> i think it's going to be okay although we'll see cooler temperatures at the coast. low clouds and fog beginning to creep in along the coast here.
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and that is more apparent today than yesterday. so we'll see more of that. cooling you off a few degrees for today but still very pleasant especially heading inland. breezy around the bay area, temperatures in the 50s. 82 concord. 83 fairfield. 60s and 70s at the bay. at the coast patchy fog so temperatures there in the 50s and 60s. we are going to sink down through saturday but by sunday high pressure begins to build in and temperatures warm up at least inland and then looks like here comes that sun again and temperatures soaring into the 90s as we head into the middle of the week, maybe hotter than we had a couple of days ago. how about that, elizabeth? >> that sounds great. [ laughter ] >> caught me. i'm focusing on muni, lawrence. trying to get the latest information. that's right. yeah. if you are a muni rider, expect delays this morning on the n- judah and j-church line. yesterday there were big problems and they are still
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doing these subway service repairs so yeah they had trouble yesterday after a train damaged a power box and so we understand this morning that to still expect delays -- actually, kcbs is sending their reporter holly quan so hopefully we'll get an update from her later on in the morning. we are dealing with problems on the roads in livermore. westbound 580, an accident is blocking a lane. you can see in some places our sensors are showing speeds below 25 miles per hour. we also have high wind advisory. just one this morning for the dumbarton bridge so watch out for that on westbound and eastbound 84. looking for a less windy commute? san mateo bridge is fine. no wind advisory in effect, traffic light across the span on westbound and eastbound 92. and, of course, at this time of the morning we talk a lot about roadwork and there is some on northbound 880. we can't see it as clearly as yesterday. maybe flashing lights in the distance. the roadwork is on northbound 880 from high street towards
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embarcadero so watch out for that. various lanes blocked just for another half hour or so. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. a high school year calmed porn. the mistake that has a california school taking action. >> the "sexting" congress man is now looking for work. the media mogul already offering anthony weiner a job. fired-up hockey fans north of the board later apologize for their bad stanley cup behavior. who police say is really to blame for the riots in vancouver. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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congressman anthony weiner. new job, the new york governor will call a special election to replace "sexting" congressman anthony weiner. we have beener is looking for a -- weiner is looking for a new job. >> today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. i had hoped to be able to continue the work that the citizens of my district elected me to do.
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unfortunately, the distractions that i have created has made that impossible. >> weiner's denials then admission that he had texted lewd photos of himself finally taking its toll. he says he now wants to find other ways to contribute his talents. porn publisher larry flint has already offered weiner a job. the search is on in san francisco to find a new muni chief and two local officials are already favorites. nathaniel ford is leave muni after five years. the focus for candidates, the head of the department of public works and muni's current executive deputy director. wall street stocks ended yesterday mixed. this morning, though, investors continue to keep an eye on developments in europe's debt crisis.
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investors worry that a greek default on debt could seriously impact other european nations with debt problems like spain, portugal and ireland. europe consumes about 18% of the world's oil. and oil prices would likely drop if europe's economy stalls. police are going over photos and video from that wild riot in vancouver. >> they are planning to prosecute those involved in the violence that followed vancouver's loss to boston in the stanley cup finals on wednesday night. nearly 100 people were arrested in all. officers blamed the riots on anarchists who came from outside of the city. now, some of the rioters say they are sorry. hundreds of them have already written apologies on a wall in downtown vancouver. many of them returned to the area yesterday to help clean up the damage that was caused by them. different story in boston, though. they are pretty happy now. >> especially with the singing going on. >> that was in dallas, actually. that was dirk novitzky. >> i'm confused. sorry. 4:45.
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the talk so queen reveals her big dream. the one interview oprah wishes she could get. >> plus, california students told to turn in their yearbooks. why the school is warning some pictures could be pornographic. and it's not just a time filler. why facebook users may actually be better off in the real world. time to check your travel forecast. heading out this friday into the weekend we are cleared for take-off at sfo. maybe a couple of clouds there. 56 degrees, breezy heading toward the afternoon. moving across the country, not a bad day to travel. heading towards chicago you will find 76 degrees, partly cloudy skies, but if you do plan to continue toward the eastern seaboard, making your way into the new york area we are going to see more clouds even the possibility of some arena and some thunderstorms expected to be a little bit bumpy out there. ,,,
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,,,,,, inside. sterling silver morgan hill
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police are looking for a woman. a credit card stolen from a car was used leading to an arrest warrant for maribel mejia. that car was stolen outside a food bank on may 31 after the owner left the motor running and the baby girl inside. the infant was found safe inside the car several hours later in salinas. a fire in antioch last night at 7:30 last night on point d doom court. only a quarter acre burned before firefighters put it out. this is the fifth fire in the area in the last couple of weeks. the home owner said he saw three kids running away from a fire. so far no homes have been damaged but fire crews are worried conditions are ripe for a bigger fire. all lanes are open on the golden gate after a head-on collision caused a major backup
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for yesterday's evening commute. a northbound driver swerved into oncoming lanes. two people went to the hospital with minor injuries. the road was cleared in 45 minutes but the traffic tie-ups lasted much, much longer. all right, folks. heading out the door today? we have some fog moving in along the coastline. temperatures cooler than yesterday. we'll see high pressure weakening somewhat and allowing for some cooler air to filter in. 70s and 80s inland so not a bad day. sunshine and temperatures mainly into the 60s inside the basin, 70s in san jose area and 50s and 60s at the coastline with patchy fog. weak system off the coastline. sun away from the coast, with
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milder temperatures. a nice friday outside. no doubt about that. we are going to see sunny skies and 76 degrees in san jose. 77 in morgan hill. 74 degrees in fremont. you head toward the beaches you might want to grab a coat. it's going to be chilly toward daly city about 57 degrees with some patchy fog. east bay numbers into the 80s in many spots inland as high as 83 in brentwood, 83 antioch, should be 81 and sunny in pleasant hill. inside the bay you will see temperatures dropping off into the 60s. and really a good sea breeze blowing toward the afternoon so keep that in mind traveling around. temperatures in the north bay up to 76 degrees in the napa valley could hit 80 in santa rosa and petaluma, 75 degrees in san anselmo and looks like the week send going to start out cooler but as we head in towards sunday high pressure builds in and as that ridge strengthens our temperatures will warm up compressing that marine air and hey, we could be talking about an offshore wind again middle of next week
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warming temperatures up back to the 90s around the bay area. so looks like a return to summery weather here in the bay area. by the way! it is father's day on sunday. plenty of sunshine in most spots, yeah, 50s and 60s at the coast, plenty of 80s as you make your way inland. elizabeth, look at those beautiful ties on this graphic. wouldn't that be fantastic? >> i was complimenting you on your tie yesterday, too. i go for the yellow one. nice and bright. >> beautiful. >> it's a winner. thank you, lawrence. let's go outside and we can show you what else is a winner. the traffic. at least in the south bay, looks good through here where our photographer is standing near the alum rock exit. all those headlights are moving northbound so no problems this morning in san jose. thanks, edgar. all right. on the maps we'll show you the problems this morning. muni metro second straight day of delays on the n-judah and j- church lines. they have to do some subway service repairs. we have been on and off the phone with muni for the past few hours and they tell us they
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hope to have service restored sometime this morning. in the meantime, expect delays, we're not sure how long, but shuttle buses are in place. all other mass transit is on time but muni problems for the start of the commute. westbound 580 at north livermore avenue this accident is now cleared to the right shoulder. so we are still seeing slowing though. the fire department was on scene. this is a solo car accident. likely still some activity though off to the shoulder because of course our sensors are pick up yellow and red -- picking up yellow and red meaning speeds under 40 miles per hour. high wind advisory in effect this morning for the dumbarton bridge. chp issued that one very early this morning. but the san mateo bridge is fine. right now, westbound 92 traffic nice and lies. you can see a couple of -- nice and light. you can see a couple of taillights making their way towards the peninsula. i haven't quite woken up yet. bay bridge toll plaza is looking good this morning. metering lights are off and no delay and no roadwork on the upper deck.
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[ laughter ] >> remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. >> lovette honesty, liz. all right. -- love the honesty, liz. all right. thanks a lot for the update. in health news, fewer people are dying from cancer every year but not everyone is benefitting. the american cancer society says nearly 900,000 cancer deaths were avoided between 1990 and 2007. experts believe better education, screening and treatment are all important factors but also found americans with the least education are more than twice as likely to die from cancer as those with the most education. a study is showing promising results from a hpv vaccine. australian researchers say vaccinating girls against hpv before they become sexually active to cut the rates of cervical cancer in half. after vaccination, precancerous abnormalities on the cervix
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dropped dramatically in girls under 17. this is when the first studies track patients. students at a california high school are being told to turn in their yearbooks or they could face child porn charges. the picture in the big bear high's yearbook shows a sex act. the photographer captured and image that showed a boy and girl at a school dance. two are not in focus, they are in the background so the yearbook editors didn't pick it up. >> his hands were a bit up her skirt above her area. so it was, uhm, not the best picture in the world. >> i guess not. now, most students returned the yearbooks to be edited with a g- rated replacement pair. big bear sheriff's deputies are helping collect the rest of the yearbooks. using facebook isn't such a big waste of time, i guess. >> good to know. >> really. >> helps people out in real life. there's new study which reveals those who use the site have
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more close friends, more social support and more trustworthy and more politically engaged. experts say they are not entirely sure why. they say it could be a result of interacting with large groups of friends in a diverse setting. either way, maybe we should all facebook more. >> we should. we do. sometimes too much. she interviewed everyone from the first lady to tom cruise but there is still one person oprah dreams of talking to even though she has no show. apparently it's o.j. simpson. >> oh,. >> that's a good one. the hollywood reporter says oprah told a cable industry group that she has a dream of o.j. confessing to her. it was 17 years ago today that simpson was arrested for murder following that infamous police chase in southern california. >> isn't o.j. in jail right now? >> he is. >> i think he is. >> a little incident he had in las vegas. he probably would like to be on the oprah show right now. time now 4:56. should you get paid for doing a
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bad job? >> that's the big question for lawmakers if the state budget deal breaks down. that's up next. the search is on. it continues for michelle le after she disappeared at the end of may. today starting a three-day search. we'll tell you about it coming up next. and dozens and dozens of people are lining up for free mortgage help in downtown san jose and the line is growing. i'm kiet do with live report coming up. a college football player is still in jail for wearing saggy pants on the plane but how should we dress when we fly? what's really appropriate on an airplane? that and much more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a massive effort begins this morning to find a missing nursing student. the clues guiding michelle le's family. a live look in san jose. families are already lining up and they have been lining up for hours for free housing help, the faces of the foreclosure crisis. good morning, it's friday, june 17. i'm grace lee.


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